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Monday, May 7, 2012

Weaverworld deals with bullying

In "Weaverworld: Grimsnipe's Revenge" the main character Jack, who's 11 years old, starts out by envying a boy who is a bully. Even though he doubtless knows better, Jack is attracted to this boy because he comes from a wealthy family and seems 'untouchable'. But when Jack puts his faith in this relationship it instantly goes sour.

Even the parallel universe called Weaverworld is not immune. When Grimsnipe works his way through the barrier between the worlds, bullying starts showing up there too. Fortunately Jack has already begun to see bullying for what it is: an inhumane act where the weak (or should we say 'gentle'?) are preyed upon by the strong (or should we say 'lacking a conscience'?)

The video below is the trailer for a movie called "Bully" which in my opinion should be compulsory viewing for elementary school kids everywhere. This isn't just a kids' issue because unchecked, bullies may grow up to be even more dangerous...

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