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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The WEAVERWORLD FANTASY SERIES goes to the Toronto International Book Fair!

The first (and hopefully, annual) Toronto International Book Fair took place November 13 to 16 at the Toronto Convention Centre, and "Weaverworld" was there!

With the help of some beloved Toronto friends, I was able to take a booth at the show, and display the "Weaverworld Fantasy Series" to hundreds of book-lovers. Not only that, but I got to meet some very generous and enthusiastic people in the book business who were willing to share great contacts and advice.

But I'm not just an author. I'm a book fan too! Luckily I was placed near the Main Stage and got to hear and watch some fantastic speeches from some very notable authors. See the photos below!

On Friday, kids waited eagerly to see DAV PILKEY,
Author of "Captain Underpants". Also present at the fair were JEFF KINNEY,
GORDON KORMAN, and RICHARD SCRIMGER, among many others.
The actress MEG TILLY, spoke about her book "Behind the Scenes"
and read her children's book later in an intimate venue. Lucky kids!

One of my favourites, ANNE RICE spoke about her new book
"Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles"

Vancouver-based sci-fi author WILLIAM GIBSON talked
about his new book "The Peripheral".

Coroner and crime-writer KATHY REICHS took the stage
to discuss her latest book, "Bones Never Lie".

MARGARET ATWOOD had a packed house for her talk. Sporting
shark mittens, she was amusing, inspiring, and challenging.

My new BFF, LEV GROSSMAN, bestselling author of "The Magician"
and its sequels, was kind enough to sign my copy of "The Magician King",
and to plug "Weaverworld".
At the end of each author interview, the microphones were opened to the public for questions. I was very moved by the candor and passion of Anne Rice, Kathy Reichs and Margaret Atwood, in particular, who spoke about writing and getting published. They shared insights and anecdotes that were both encouraging and entertaining. The most important thing, they said, was just to WRITE! Not to be discouraged or put off, but just to continue working at it with heart and passion. Very good advice indeed!

I hope to return to the Toronto Book Fair in 2016 with the third book of the Weaverworld Fantasy Series. I'm even thinking of creating a board game for "Weaverworld: Grimsnipe's Revenge" as another way of sharing the story. I'll keep you posted!