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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The first Weaverworld game: Match the actors to the characters!

Weaverworld has several characters who came alive for me during the writing process when I began picturing them as famous actors. The names of the characters and actors are listed below. Read the book and see if you can figure out who plays who in my imaginary movie. Then use the Comment button below to post your answer. The one who posts the first correct answer will receive a prize (to be announced). If you'd like to post your own ideas for character-actor matches, feel free. All sincere suggestions welcome!

The Characters:
Dr. Penelope Neith
Peter Bellamy
Aladdeus Gaelblade
Lily Windhover
Lester Grandiflore (Grimsnipe)

The Actors:
Sean Connery
Johnny Depp
Judy Dench
Penelope Cruz
Orlando Bloom

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