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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Revised editions of books One and Two, with new covers

Hi all,
Another bit of important news...books One and Two in the Weaverworld Trilogy received an overhaul in 2016, with revised text and new cover art. So the book you have on your shelf may now be a "First Edition". Keep it, and you may find it becomes more valuable with time (we hope)!

When I started the series, I had no idea how many books I might want to write. But eventually, it became clear to me that with Book Three, the series could logically end (at least for now), and allow me to go on to my next writing project (more on that in a separate post). So I redesigned the covers of the first two books to reflect their new titles: "Weaverworld - Grimsnipe's Revenge: Book One in the Weaverworld Trilogy", and "Quest for the Eagle-eye Amulet: Book Two in the Weaverworld Trilogy". These are followed by "The Timekeeper's Solution: Book Three in the Weaverworld Trilogy".

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