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Friday, September 14, 2012

A 12-year old's review of Weaverworld

Kira Nichols
A Twelve Year-Old’s Opinion On A Spectacular Book
by Kira Nichols

I recently read Weaverworld by Julia K. Rohan. It was a very exciting book with well-developed characters - each with personalities so deep that it was as if I knew them personally. It was very descriptive, which was good considering that it is a fantasy novel, as it helps you visualize the character’s surroundings.

There was one brief point in the book where it seemed repetitive, speaking about the daily life of the characters. This was important, but could have been spiced up a little, although it didn’t last long and soon resumed the plot.

I find this book would be very well suited for fans of Harry potter, Pendragon, and similar books. I would recommend it to anyone ten and up, eight if you're an advanced reader.

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